admin on September 12th, 2018

For those of you who know me, know I have been battling really bad pain in both of my knees for quite some time. I’ve had laproscopic surgery on both knees and was not able to finish physical therapy from my last surgery. I also was told by one doctor that I needed a knee replacement. But, I can’t take off work for the time he told me was necessary – 6-8 weeks per knee.

So, I checked out a sports medicine doctor – not a chiropractor. There will be 3 days of treatment which I will talk about in my blog here. The first day is a ‘pre-injection’ which is a combination of dextrose and saline in both my knees.

The second day, they will draw blood & bone marrow from my hip in the morning and then later in the day, they will have done some sort of mixture, getting the stem cells that will be injected later that afternoon.

On Friday, the last day, there will be an injection of PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) – what they call a booster shot or shots.

I will have strenthening/exercise program for 4 to 6 weeks afterwords. I will be reporting on my progress from the start to the end. It’s starting on September 26th. Stay tuned for all the up and coming action.

admin on May 10th, 2015

I have had it with politicians calling things like Social Security and Medicare ‘entitlements’. The problem is that, technically, they are items to which we are entitled. We are entitled to them because we paid into them year after year – and not voluntarily.

However, they (the politicians) are dumping this in a bucket called ;entitlements’ along with welfare and MedicAid. These are not the same thing.

They are a type of insurance into which we have paid year after year. You can not change the basic concepts of these government programs unless you start with a whole new group of people who have NOT paid a dime into them.

Politians – please – in the future, do not include (at least) Social Security and Medicare in the same bucket as Welfare and MedicAid when you are talking about ‘entitlements’. You can call them government based retirement systems or anything – just not ‘entitlements’.

admin on October 20th, 2014

This is our time. We must have our direction set. Forget political correctness.
If you want tolerance it must be true tolerance. Recognize good as good but also recognize evil for evil.

And in the end, walking is better than talking. Believe it and walk it out.

admin on September 7th, 2014

Finally!! Finally!! I hated the first couple of Dr. Who episodes with the new Doctor – then tonight – the writing is back where it should be!

And Capaldi is talking clearly enough at a speed so I can understand him. Thank you Bryan Scott for breaking me in on the Scottish accent!

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admin on September 3rd, 2014

Here’s my opinion – short and sweet:
If you don’t want to stand or don’t have the respect for the US so that you don’t mind standing during the Pledge of Allegiance or reciting the Pledge of Allegiance, then, you should move to another country – Period.

But of course, maybe that’s just me.


admin on May 9th, 2014

Being a Type 2 diabetic (no insulin), I decided to try these two since I had heard such great things about them. I needed something to replace the sugar (although low amounts) for the coffee which is necessary every morning I awaken.
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admin on May 3rd, 2014

Most of the other on demand versions of TV channels (at least for uverse) not only block fast forward, but they include way too many commercials. NBC does remove fast forward so you can’t breeze through commercials, but at least they keep the number of commercials to an absolute minimum-mostly one rather short one per break.

admin on December 31st, 2013

How ridiculous is it that the Cotton Bowl Classic football game again is NOT being played in the Cotton Bowl!

Thanks for another broken tradition, Jerry!

admin on November 10th, 2013

I was talking with a guy who is an independent (not big conglomerate) owner of a watch repair/sales shop in our local mall. I’ve gone there for years not just because of the reasonable pricing, but he’s reliable, friendly and he’s been there for 17 years.

Not only do I find out that they just raised his rent there from $6000 (yes, thousand) per month to $8000 per month, starting very soon, but they REQUIRE him to be open (along with the other stores in the mall) on Thanksgiving night! When I say ‘REQUIRE’, I mean that they will actually charge/fine him if he does NOT open. The latest that night he can open up is 12 am. Like he says, who’s going to buy watches or want repairs on Thanksgiving night?

And this isn’t a really big location to start with.

He also said that there were several smash and grabs last year. Yes, the crowds are big, but that makes it all that much easier for thieves to disappear in the crowds and get away.

He can move to another location, further back in the mall, but that will also take upwards of $20,000 including new installations of credit card machines, all his shelves, security and so forth. And that doesn’t even address any new furniture/display cases that might get broken when moving from their location after 17 years.

It’s hard enough for a guy to make a dollar with his own business, and not only does a mall ‘stick’ him with a ridiculous rent amount, but ‘REQUIRES’ him to be open Thanksgiving night so he will be away from his family!

But the sheep come out in droves in an effort to find a big sale. Holidays used to mean family. For years now, it’s about the almighty dollar. It’s very sad.

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admin on November 4th, 2013

It’s just overwhelming to me today, to see all the artists/actors that I’ve enjoyed throughout my life, finding out about their deaths. Some I knew, most I hadn’t. It started with finding out about one of my favorite guitarists, Alvin Lee. Here’s the partial list:

Alvin Lee – guitarist for 10 Years After 3/6
Ned Wertimer – Ralph the Doorman/Jeffersons 1/2
Conrad Bain – Different Strokes 1/14
Pauline Phillips – Dear Abby 1/16
Rick Huxley – Dave Clark Five 2/11
Mindy McCready – Country singer 2/17
Dale Robertson – actor 2/26
Bonnie Franklin – One Day at a Time 3/1
Peter Banks – original guitarist for Yes 3/7
Claude King – singer/songwriter/Wolverton Mountain 3/7
Clive Burr – Iron Maiden Drummer 3/12
Richard Griffiths – Uncle Vernon/Harry Potter series 3/28
Roger Ebert – movie critic 4/4
Annete Funicello – Mickey Mouse club 4/8
Jonathan Winters – comedian/actor 4/11
Richie Havens – Singer/guitarist 4/22
George Jones – Country singer 4/26
Jeff Hanneman – founding member of Slayer 5/1
Ray Manzarek – founding member of Doors/keyboards 5/20
Jean Stapleton – All in the Family 5/31
Slim Whitman – Country singer 6/19
James Gandolfini – Sopranos 6/19
Cory Monteith – Glee 7/13
Dennis Farina – actor 7/22
J.J Cale – singer/songwriter 7/26
Kidd Kraddick – radio personality 7/27
Michael Ansara – actor 7/31
Marcia Wallace – actress/Bob Newhart show/Simpsons 10/25
Lou Reed – singer/songwriter 10/27

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