Ok, now we’re in Libya?

IMHO, we are doing too much as it is. I think it’s a valiant thing we do trying to protect the world against itself. However we can’t keep doing it. We have too many problems going on homeside, hunger, poverty, etc.

We need to address these things first. There are those who are saying all this world unrest in the middle east countries is based on hunger. It very well could be.

But, the more we spend on this and not on the basics that our country needs, the more we spiral downward. We can’t do anything without borrowing money to do it, now. Our debt is too high as it is.

Think about it – about a third of the corn we grow here goes to ethanol, for gasoline, not food for people (see my other post on how to fix this – http://blog.davidwier.com/?p=96). When will this insanity stop? We can’t be the world’s police forever! Besides, most of the time, when we go out and help people, they just end up hating us for one reason or another. Look at France – and how long has that been going on?

By the way – have you checked out the cost to our air force for a cruise missle these days? It’s well over $mil each. The People and Congress have not voted for us. There is absolutely NO danger to the US. This is THEIR civil war. Most of the muslim countries – and people — in that part of the world hate us.

We have no business being there.

But then maybe that’s just me.

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