How is it that Christmas, a religious holiday, pretty much supported by the US government for the last (over) 200 years, is off limits to advertising folks?

They have no problem doing anything they can to lure us into their stores, so we can buy –



And yes, they know the presents are for Christmas – however, they won’t admit that Christmas exists. “Happy Holidays” – not “Merry Christmas”

When I was growing up, at least cards would say both, understanding that there were some people who were non-Christians, in the world. There are other religious holidays this time of the year for sure, but there are not large numbers of people bursting down the doors of Target and Penney’s, etc, to buy toys for their kids for their holiday.

In school, we got a Christmas break during this time of the year, and it was supported by a large majority of Americans. We still have a majority – right? And I’m talking about Christians, in this case. Businesses wait all year long, depending on this time of the year – yes,
for their companies to make a killing, profit-wise. Congress gets a big vacation this time of the year – originally called a ‘Christmas’ break.

Whatever happened to ‘majority rules’?
Why can’t they just say “Merry Christmas”?

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