Today I saw a story on HLN, the repeating 30 minutes of news station in the CNN family. It talked about the fact that Kim Kardashian was pregnant. That’s not the kicker though. There’s a few ‘kickers’ in this story. The one who actually announced this fact was Kanye West, who’s the father. And though the entire world (or so it seems) thinks this is no big deal, at one time, in the celebrity world (and not to long ago, I might add), this would have been considered a scandal.

First of all, Kim Kardashian is one of those ‘celebrities’ who is not famous because she’s an actress, a singer or philanthropist, but she follows in a long line of celebrities (not unlike Paris Hilton) who are famous merely because of their monetary status in the world. If you want to say she’s famous because of her ‘reality’ show, then so be it.

On top of all this, she’s not even single. Yes, she’s in the process of being divorced, but she’s not yet. And all this is considered to be not only news-worthy, but something to be a really good thing and something to be totally happy about. Yes, there’s a new life that will be coming into the world, but for me, that’s where the happiness ends for me.

In my day (and boy, it hurts to have to say it that way), what would happen is that a boy and girl/man and woman would date each other, get engaged, get married and have a baby – in that order. Anything in a different order would be considered out of line. But really, that, in and of itself is not what disturbs me. I’m modern enough to know things like that happen. After all, I too was a teenager at one time.

But – these are adults. Besides that, it has become so common, that marriage in and of itself has no reverence – no sense of commitment any more. And when you add in that a news organization that is not considered a tabloid of sorts, deems it a great news-worthy story – oh well.

I keep asking myself, when did this all happen? – And how?

So, with all that said, I guess you can finally say I’m Old Fashioned, and proud of it. To me, this just seems all out of whack at this point in my life. And all along, I just sat on the sidelines, and apparently did nothing and watched it all happen, right before my very eyes.


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