Being a Type 2 diabetic (no insulin), I decided to try these two since I had heard such great things about them. I needed something to replace the sugar (although low amounts) for the coffee which is necessary every morning I awaken.

I was totally disappointed in both.
Stevia – I was told that I could use this just as I use regular sugar. I normally get about a teaspoon and a half of sugar in my coffee, so I tried one packet first. Nothing. I tried two packets and tasted a little sweetness, but not really enough for me. And the aftertaste (though not as bad as aspertame related substitutes) turned me off completely.

The surprising thing was that I tried it in my Grape Nuts cereal, and though it wasn’t sweet enough, it was ‘ok’.

I tried xylotol in my coffee (using packets). I was told it was herbal so I would use less (physically) than the sugar being replaced. So, I tried one packet. Nothing – no sweetness at all. Then I tried a second packet. I still don’t taste any sweetness.

So unless someone can school me in how to get the optimum sweetness from either of these, I’m going back to real sugar.

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