Not me, really, but what I see is that a growing number of people out there in the whole world are thinking it about themselves. There is absolutely no thought of the fact that there are others here, around them.

1. Is it too much to go into a restaurant or grocery store and have the person be friendly? Can’t they just pretend they appreciate it that people like me make it possible for them to have a paycheck? No – all they think about is that they are stuck in a job they may or may not want and all they thiink about is their paycheck at the end of the week. At least that’s how I see what’s happening. I don’t care if it’s genuine, but please – at least pretend you appreciate me being there.

2. If a guy on the highway uses his turn signal, please, someone, let them in. If they are courteous enough to use the signal, try to get along and be courteous back to them. They’re trying to do it correctly, so, knowing there are other people besides yourself on the road that deserve to be there also, let them in. If we all would just chill out, and let someone in to the lane when they signaled (especially those trying to get on the highway), there would be far fewer accidents.

3. And speaking of turn signals – You Have One – Use It!!! I have seen so many accidents and near accidents happen due to someone just butting in, when there was no room for them, causing all the people in the lane to slam on their breaks, it’s just ridiculous. It’s not all just about you! And, getting on the freeway, or in another lane – if there’s room behind someone, or none to very little behind them, please, get in the lane BEHIND them. Stop thinking about just yourself.

4. Pedestrians – when you walk out into the street, or cross a driveway at a restaurant, please look to see if someone’s about to come in at the same time. If everyone on the street has to slam on their breaks to avoid an accident because you don’t pay any attention to your surroundings, then you’re one of the ‘It’s all about me’ people.

It all boils down to respect for the other guy – this is a big world and respect seems to be leaking out of it at an alarming rate. Just realize that you’re not the only person in the world that matters. Others have feelings and others have problems – some might even be more pressing than yours. Just have a little respect and we could all get along a lot better!

But maybe that’s just me.

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