I have had it with politicians calling things like Social Security and Medicare ‘entitlements’. The problem is that, technically, they are items to which we are entitled. We are entitled to them because we paid into them year after year – and not voluntarily.

However, they (the politicians) are dumping this in a bucket called ;entitlements’ along with welfare and MedicAid. These are not the same thing.

They are a type of insurance into which we have paid year after year. You can not change the basic concepts of these government programs unless you start with a whole new group of people who have NOT paid a dime into them.

Politians – please – in the future, do not include (at least) Social Security and Medicare in the same bucket as Welfare and MedicAid when you are talking about ‘entitlements’. You can call them government based retirement systems or anything – just not ‘entitlements’.

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