OK – this whole primary/caucus thing has gotten me in a real turmoil. I’m going to hit several points that I believe are points for change here. (and don’t try reading any sexist attitude into the ‘One man/One vote’ subject, either. If you do, you’re wrong, too)

In Texas (I don’t know about other states), but people were allowed to go to the primaries and also to the caucuses. That is totally ridiculous, in my opinion. If our votes truely count for something, there should only be one way to vote, and only one path for each person!! If a person wins the popular vote, he should win the election. There shouldn’t be a back-door way for some other way in. Also, if they’re going to allow people to go to caucuses AFTER the polls close, maybe they should just let the polls stay open until 10 pm, so EVERYONE can get a chance for his ONE vote, and let that be that.

Also – this whole super-delegate thing is a bunch of rubbish. I don’t care whether someone has ‘paid his dues’, as some say, his vote is no different than mine – super-delegates should not be able to change the decision of the people.

And, though I’ve touched on it before, here, the whole popular vote thing is the basis for my whole rant – maybe it’s time for the Electoral college to be retired. I don’t care that it’s been the ‘way we’ve done things forever’. If one candidate gets more votes than the other, then that person should be the one who is put in office!

I think this whole process we have here is garbage – if a person’s vote doesn’t count in getting someone elected, then, for what does it count?

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