IMHO (In my humble opinion), the gasoline companies are in collusion, price-gouging again.

I happen to live in a city called Garland, TX. A week before hurricane Gustav, prices for gas, which had been steadily going down, had reached the point of around $3.27 per gallon, in a few gas stations which were on the major thoroughfare. Down a few miles further, in Mesquite, but on the same road, prices had gone down to around $3.35 per gallon.

Enter hurricane Gustav. The TV and radio said that prices were rising due the anticipation of bad news concerning the hurricane. Before the hurricane even made landfall, prices at just about every station down the road (in both towns) went up to $3.45 (some even higher), even though the price of a barrel of oil fell drastically (over $5).

There was no shipment of new gas, the ‘future’ hadn’t arrived (referring to gasoline futures market) – but the price skyrocketed almost 20 cents!

It’s now almost a week later and prices are still in the same range.

Something is wrong here and something’s got to change – period!

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