OK, I will admit it – I have a couple of older TVs in my house, not hooked up to cable or satellite, so they can’t receive digital signals.

Voila – here comes the US government to the rescue – NOT!

I sent off for, and received the limit of 2 cards, giving me $40 each off the purchase of the Digital to Analog converters which were needed for my TVs.

I really didn’t have the time to get them, when I recieved them, so I tacked the entire letter, including the cards on my bulletin board.

Then, when I decided it was time to use them, I found out that there was a 90 day limit. They were not valid after 90 days from the time they were received! And, of course, by the time I decided to do it, the 90 days had ellapsed.

So, I went back to the website and tried again. I was told that I had already received my limit and couldn’t receive any more. However, I was given the option to appeal this decision, and I did. I told them that the 90 days had unfortunately lapsed and that since I didn’t actually use them, I should get 2 new ones.

But – they didn’t think that was good enough and they denied me the option of getting 2 more.

I think, if the government is going to give you a certain option, they should just give you the option, without a time limit (like this one). This is a ripoff, in my opinion, and I’m spreading the word.

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