Let’s say you walk into a restaurant – or, for me, this week (twice), a bank. Why can’t the person you’re dealing with smile at you?
Why can’t he PRETEND to be glad you’re there?

And – when people inside the store, you haven’t really found yet, as you walk in, are told by their manager to greet the people walking in – ‘Welcome to (wherever)’ – why can’t they smile and make eye contact with you? – especially until you have a chance to see them and return the favor.

The big part is the eye contact. They see someone come in, say their thing and look back down at what they’ve been doing all along.

As a customer, you never see who said it and have no chance to return the greeting or smile. For that matter, it’s what they’ve been told to say; it’s not really the intended greeting, so they don’t really care if you respond.

In my opinion, if you can’t even pretend you are appreciative of the fact that I’m there and helping to donate to YOUR paycheck, either get another job or SHUT UP!

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