Using sugar cane instead of corn, ethanol can be made more cheaply. Of course it’s easier to grow sugar cane in tropical areas (Mexico, South America, etc)

If we made a deal with Mexico, and places in South America to grow sugar cane and then fund plants in which to make this into ethanol, and then, we get car makers to make cars that will run on either oil or ethanol as a standard, we could do the eventually get off the oil standard. Actually, maybe later, as a diplomatic deal with Cuba, we could get them to grow sugar cane

We could possibly import it much more cheaply than we are paying for oil. Then we use our current local and new plants to turn it into ethanol.

As it spreads, we could eventually get OFF the oil standard for US vehicles.

This is not about making jobs outside our borders – we CAN’T grow sugar cane as well here (from what I understand). But what we can do is make the plants in the US that will turn it into Ethanol for our cars.

The more cars that are made that will run either oil or ethanol makes our dependence on oil less and less – – eventually totally freeing us from foreign oil. It’s been done in Brazil and it can be done here.

BTW – – Update (5/3/2011): I sent this concept to our esteemed president, and I got a form letter back.

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