admin on March 24th, 2011

So, if it only takes 10 minutes to fill out the paperwork and 20 minutes for the nurses to check everything and insert an IV, why are we still waiting, 2 hours after they told us to be here?

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admin on March 22nd, 2011

Ok, now we’re in Libya? IMHO, we are doing too much as it is. I think it’s a valiant thing we do trying to protect the world against itself. However we can’t keep doing it. We have too many problems going on homeside, hunger, poverty, etc.

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admin on March 19th, 2011

Well, if you didn’t know it, you know it now — I play guitar, keyboards and saxophone and I write my own music. I have multiple recordings, most of which you can hear here: Please let all your friends know about this link – – you can buy songs there, but there are more […]

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